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Ocular is a new console spreadsheet for linux written entirely in python. Cell contents are evaluated by python after any standard spreadsheet coordinates are parsed. This allows the full Monty from Python to be implemented in a visual environment.

It is meant to be as an eyepiece (hence the name) for data in python. This data can be manipulated in ways you would expect from any spreadsheet. But except for the most basic coordinate parsing this is all left to python, so the actual amount of code is small.

Ocular will help doing bookkeeping, keep a calendar, or do scientific data analysis. Be reminded that Ocular is not secure. Documents opened in it will be parsed through python, so they should be opened with as much care as you run any script of uncertain origin. I'm looking into using linux seccomp facilities to solve this, but it won't be soon.

Status: pre-alpha, version 0.02

I started Ocular several weeks ago under the codename Shrubbery. It is currently in pre-alpha. Basic stuff is working, though parts of the interface are still spartan, and there are still some nasty quirks and irks to be solved before I will promote it to full alpha status. It has no software depencies outside standard python (2.4 or 2.5!) libraries (yet). It looks very pretty in multi colour terminals(ie xterm or rxvt)


I started a small man-page, to help the starting ocular user. Just as ocular itself this manpage is in pre-alpha. You can see it here.
Ocular 0.02 is released. This is allready a big improvement on the first release. Try it yourself and download! It now uses python csv module to save and load files, and has terminfo support so it will work on most terminals. Coordinate parsing has been improved, and strings are kept alone.
For example if you went shopping at the C1000 supermarket and you'd try to tell this to Ocular, it will no longer think you meant to access element data[1000][2] :).
Uploaded first release version 0.01! You need python2.5 and an urxvt to run this. Xterm and ANSI (or anything in terminfo) support will be available in next release (probably 0.02).
Started sourceforge project
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